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From the article:
NU now has 88 known scholarship players on the roster and two spots remaining for the 2020 recruiting cycle. The program must be at 85 scholarship players or below by the time preseason camp begins in early August.
So assuming we fill the two open spots, we can expect to see at least 5 other scholarship players leave between now and August.


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Addition by subtraction at NU it turns out. Hope he gets his head on straight . . . tremendous athlete, but his decision-making and priorities appear to be poor.

I really think this is the best outcome for the team. Can't preach everyone doing things right and buying in and then some guys cut corners (or make their own completely different path without consequence).

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It is unfortunate that such a young talented athlete is gone from the program. I wish Maurice all the best in the future. I do hope he can learn from his mistakes and make the best of the situation. I hope he learns to make wiser choices in the future and that he sees where poor choices will get you. I was young once and I too make plenty of dumb mistakes. Unfortunately for the young they don't always see the ways of their errors.
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I'd bet the farm this happened due to the firing of Miss State HC. I'll bet they secured Jo'Quavius Marks behind the scenes and that's why they were okay with letting go of Mo. I'm calling it!