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MLB Draft: Two Huskers Picked In First Three Rounds; Update:Cam Wayne Picked in 20th Round


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Worried Van Horn wrecked his arm?
That could be a concern as well as his previous Tommy John surgery. His fastball is low 90's which is good but not rare anymore, especially for a righty. After watching him pitch my main concern is his best pitch is a cutter that is way out of the strike zone and I am not sure he has good enough stuff to have major league hitters chasing like he did in the college ranks. Being 24 years old doesn't help either.
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Pretty exciting and, hopefully, the start of something that we more routinely see from our guys after Husker careers that have led them to conference titles, regionals, super-regionals and, ultimately, the CWS. Congratulations to those two! GBR!
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