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MJ on B1G Today

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Coach Joseph reminds me of a few of my NCOs in the military. Natural, no-nonsense leader who clearly cares for his men and wants to teach them and show them how to succeed. Demanding and disciplined, but loving. A real father figure type. I’m not big on requiring the head guy to have Nebraska ties, but with Coach Joseph, it just doesn’t matter and may even be a plus, but he’d be great no matter where he came from…


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Mickey sounds like a leader. Very well-spoken, with a good mix of confidence and being humble. He knows his role -- number one being a leader of young men -- and understanding the importance of that role.

More simply, he just gets it.

Also a treat listening to a head coach that doesn't sound like speaking to the media is the worst thing possible.

There isn't a college football staff that wouldn't benefit from having Mickey Joseph on staff. I'm not sure where he'll be next year, but he will be in demand.
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Here’s to wishing the best for Mickey and the team. I love what he’s saying, but let’s see if it has an impact on the team. Would love nothing more than to see coach Joseph succeed! Cautiously optimistic.
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