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Misplaced Optimism


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Pretty arrogant to suggest that UN is using a policy NO ONE else is following. It’s also pretty interesting you include the names of extremely successful coaches who have been building programs that are the peak of stability. Models and the envy of 99% of those still chasing that dream. When was the last time any of us recall one of these coaches scrambling, running their programs by the seat of their pants, floundering from season to season? Was it that outside help that made them great, or was it the inside structure?

If Bob Diaco had said bringing in Jack Riggins was going to be the difference between winning and losing, how many of us would be outraged if Moos had said ‘no’? Sometimes you see how a person works, and you just decide that rehab isn’t going to work on this one. I think Moos hit that point.
I've stayed out of this conversation for the benefit of those who wanted to continue it, but this is where I'm at with this entire conversation.

I'm not going to spend the time digging, but I'll bet we can find at minimum an equal if not larger number of unsuccessful, dysfunctional programs using outside help. It's not a silver bullet, it doesn't work nor is it warranted for every single situation.

The bolded hits the nail on the head. The listed coaches are or were great coaches, have a clear structure to their programs and expect certain things from assistants and players. Outside consultant help is the cherry on top that gets a program from good to great or maybe great to dynastic status. Bringing in an outside consultant to keep from firing a guy who's shown he isn't going to take the program to the next level isn't what it's for.