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Miserable fans...

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Without reading the article, let me guess.... The teams with the best records have the happiest fans. Sound about right?


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Good friend of mine is a UO fan and even when they are winning he is a miserable M-F'er of a fan. Last year was awesome watching him bitch.

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Rutgers is ahead of us.

That's really funny. Living in New Jersey I know many Rutgers fans, including some family members. I can't think of a single one who's happy with the Rutgers program now. One has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the program and currently has 8 season tickets. He's seriously thinking of giving up his season tickets. The poll is a crock.


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Let's see. Rather than polling fans to see if they are actually happy, this is a group of metrics some sports writer put together to tell fans whether or not they should be happy.
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