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Minnesota Week Practice Thread: 30 August: Depart For Minnesota

It was changed to prevent collisions / prevent concussions.

if you're an accountant, just look at data. My guess is Rhule knows the data better than you or I. But football involves momentum and emotions. I'll go with the successful head football coach and his risk calculations. plus, I pretty much agree with him.
Yes but all that did was make coaches change tactics that make it more likely to be returned.
Huskers will depart for Minnesota tomorrow. I would assume they will do a walk through sometime during the day

Today ;)
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I love how Rhule keeps pushing accountability. Everything earned. Have to put it on the field, but by all appearances he is doing what he said he would be doing from the beginning. That consistency is important to see out of Leaders.

Another nice thing I have noticed is that he can be direct, communicate without any confusion, and hold people accountable without being an arse. Respectful. That takes conviction. He isn't TO, but he certainly has the respect down.

If I had a kid looking to play college ball or learn to be a coach, I would point them to look at Coach Rhule if he gets the Xs and Os and recruiting to an elite level.


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