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Minnesota boards.


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I tend to believe teams take on tbeir coaches demeanor. Fleck is a polyester coat wearing, 20 cups of coffee, psychotic, that you would pull your kid away from if you saw him in a store.

I mean come on Scott was asked if he jas a team slogan. He responds, "We do not believe in that." Then this paranoid douche's voices in his head tell him. "That guy is talking about you."


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3-8 since Fleck took over. Just looked at that. I would love to bury them Sat. I expect to beat these clowns every year.

Here's our record for the last 10 years;

2020-12-12L17-24-7#Lincoln | 0
2019-10-12L7-34-27#Minneapolis + | 43,502
2018-10-20W53-2825#Lincoln | 89,272
2017-11-11L21-54-33#Minneapolis | 39,933
2016-11-12W24-177#Lincoln +21 | 90,456
2015-10-17W48-2523#Minneapolis | 54,062
2014-11-22L24-28-4#Lincoln 21 | 91,186
2013-10-26L23-34-11#Minneapolis 25 | 49,995
2012-11-17W38-1424#Lincoln 16 | 85,330
2011-10-22W41-1427#Minneapolis 13 | 49,187

As you can see NU is 1-3 against Fleck's years per @Red Reign .

NU is 5-5 against the gophers.

The 11th game (you showed NU @ 3-8) was 9-22-1990. :Smile:


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One of their board members quoted - "Just have to keep it close and give Nebraska time to invent a new way lose a close game. It is an artform they are perfecting under Frost."

This is hilarious, sad and truthful - FWIW I do believe we blow them out this game. After watching Minnesota in game 1 vs OSU and our week 0 game vs Illinois I was fearful we'd get stomped by the gophers. I'm fairly confident we win this game big now.


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Comedy. I like the guy who said NU has been stealing from the conference. And the Rodents add exactly what to the B1G? If NU has been stealing money for a decade how long how Minny been ski masking. Oh, wait, that's what Ski U Mah means? It should say Ski Mask to the bank with the B1G's check. Row the boat? Pfft. Roe and caviar are almost as overrated as Douchey is as coach.

NU owes them big time for the last 2 seasons. I hope AM makes all their nightmares come true.

Overall, outside of a delusional fan or three on their board, the rest are cordial. Lord knows we have our share of delusional fans.
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I've never had bad experiences with Minnesota fans either -- and I lived in the Twin Cities for several years in the 90s (during our national dominance years).

Never met a single cocky, arrogant Minnesota fan. Most that discussed sports were much more "woe is me" than anything else -- in regards to all of their sports teams. Hockey is really their true passion anyhow -- followed closely by fishing. Everything else is just filler.

I tend to think we over-analyze based on what we read on internet forums. That's social media. I rarely confuse it with real life. And again, if we're judging based on fan bases on internet forums, there cannot possibly be a more degenerate fan base than our own. But I tend to think most Nebraska fans are good people -- when they step away from the keyboard.
You also think Austin is a great city, so there is that to consider.


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Minnesota fans remind me of KState fans whenever they'd get good for a hot minute. Snyder would win a pile of games for a couple seasons and suddenly, KState was the greatest warrior of the Big 8, crushing the scourge of Sooners, destroying the hateful Cornhuskers, and ransacking the legendary Buffalo villages of Boulder.

They'd go to like two or three bowl games and suddenly Manhattan became Tuscaloosa or South Bend and the Wildcats thought they were the Dallas Cowboys playing against all the other peewee teams.

Unfortunately, I feel like Minnesota is worse, because while I hated losing to Bill Snyder, he was by all accounts a pretty stand-up coach and man. PJ Fleck, by comparison, is that jackass frat boy from college who stole your girlfriend only to dump her at homecoming the next week while he drove off into the sunset drinking a case of Miller Lite in his dad's convertible.

When Minnesota is crappy, they all go back to their hockey, alcohol and misery. Of all the coaches in the Big Ten, I have probably the least amount of respect for that boat-rowing moron.
This is the kind of content I am here for. THis made me chuckle out loud. "Hockey, alcohol, and misery":p:p