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Mills Is Officially N; Will Be On Campus Wednesday 22 May


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Hope this persists!
FYI. New #Huskers RB Dedrick Mills lost only 2 fumbles this season in 10 games and 236 carries (23.6 a game) at Garden City CC. As a freshman at Georgia Tech he did not fumble on 121 carries. That’s 2 lost fumbles in 357 career carries and 1,960 yards.
Love that stat line there. We've had some fumbling fumblers over the past 25 years or so. Tote that rock straight into the endzone man.

BARNUM is back

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I hope Mills got to be friends with Dominick Watt down there. i think our WR conversation would be much different if Watt didn't have to go the JUCO route. I know its rare to get a former commit after their JUCO stint, but I'm holding out hope

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Probably previous post but once again questions ....... class? eligibility?

I think he is a JR and two remaining. Right?
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I hope erase past history. Mills promises to walk a straight line in that path and avoid the problems.

Georgia Tech star Dedrick Mills was kicked off the team, having violated athletic department rules in what was essentially a third strike for the dynamic but troubled running back.

Coach Paul Johnson did not specify what rule was broken, but stressed that it was different than two suspensions Mills served a year ago — totaling three games — for violating team rules.

First two suspensions, drug thing according to my son-in-law who is a BIG GT fan (alumni).

Probably no LP but Mary Jane habit. Randy Gregory II ???
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