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Miles Jones


Maybe I missed something, but where has Miles Jones been? I haven't seen him and thought he would be an important part of this offense. Is he still injured?


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Its funny you brought that up. I had a drink bet with his dad prior to the USA game that his son would have three catches that game. Pretty sure he wanted to pay off on that.
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I dont get that either. In the Spring game against the top units he was getting open and making great catches. I know the spring game hides things, but the other WR's other than JD arent really impacting the game so idk why hes not getting some/more reps


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I guess my question would be... who does he replace and when? JD is only getting a handful of touches right now so it's not like there's been tons of love going around he has been missing out. I'm not sure you're taking Wandale off the field either.


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I think all of our skill players bring something different. Miles is one of my favorites. I like his skill set. It's hard to have a clear depth chart when you have so many talented, yet unproven players. I think Miles will see some plays designed for him, as will others that give us a dangerous identity.

The receivers have a long list of promised ability, yet we haven't necessarily seen them excel in this offense. Williams, Mcquitty. Woodyard. Of course Hunt and Legrone are suspended.

I'd like to see some deep balls and see what these guys can do to test the secondaries. I'm not an offensive guru. I just want to see some one on one deep fades or flies or streaks or 'bombs' as we used to call them in the backyard to some of these guys to see the speed element. The talent element. Not the between the ears thinking element.