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Mike Riley headed to XFL as Seattle's OC


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I am appreciative for Mike Riley finally exposing Nebraska fans for what they are (and have been for many years). The worst fan base in all of sports. I hope we can return to mediocrity again as fans. We've got a lot of work to do. :)
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I think it is time to move on from both Bo and Mike, they were brought in to do a job, didn't do it and are no longer here. Why aren't we complaining about the coaches from the 40's, they sucked worse than anything in the last 40+ years. Mike did good things (can't name one right now but he did), he has moved on and so should we.

Good luck to both but better luck to the staff we have now. :Huskerflag:


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If I we're an entrepreneur in Seattle I would own an ice cream store across the street. You know it would be packed after every game. There would be an extra charge for sprinkles. After their wins I imagine the sprinkle sales would be off the charts .