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Mike Dawson to the Giants


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That is what linemen need, someone to light a fire under their rear ends. Who better than JP?
So maybe bring him on as "team motivator"? :) What's his coaching acumen? I wouldn't want him out recruiting; dude's mouth moves much faster than his synapses.


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If we're on the topic of SMU, what about their d-line coach, Brett Diersen?

Was an intern at Nebraska 2008-2010. Spent the 4 years prior to SMU as d-line coach at Northern Illinois. If I remember correctly, they were top 5 in tackles for loss, and yards per play in his last season.
On another board a poster brought up Jerry Montgomery, current DL coach of the Packers. He was on the Northern Iowa staff as the DL coach when Frost was DC and he also played at Iowa with Chinander.
Personally, I would think these 2 may be high on the list, if you look at what Frost has done is his short time as a Head Coach. People he knows, trusts and and folks he knows and has a relationship with. With that being said, I'm not sure he has a relationship with either one of these guys beyond coaching with them in the past, but that is who he has preferred. No reason to think he would venture very far from that plan now.

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Why do most Husker fans immediately start angling for a coach who is a former player? Severely limiting your options doing that. LOTS of viable candidates who aren't former Huskers.
Well, since most Husker fans don't actually have a say in who is hired, it shouldn't hinder the search too much.