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Mike Dawson to the Giants


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just throwing this out there for discussion, but Is there any chance that Dawson was gently pushed out? Could it have been a mutual decision between HCSF and Dawson?
No, it was reported that all of the assistants just signed contract extensions around Jan 19th I think, and that included Dawson. So he was planning on staying until he got this NFL offer.


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I'm not sure where I heard this or if I'm remembering correctly, but I think in a interview Parrella said something about having his hands tied (by Diaco) and had to teach the DL a certain way. Sounded like he really didn't get much of a chance to coach the DL.
Must’ve been that rugby tackling requirement. Must play hell with all of the hand fighting that the DL needs


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I have heard Steve Warren's name bandied about within the thread. Does he currently coach? I think he is in Omaha now.