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Mike Dawson to the Giants


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So do we lose any DL recruits because their position coach takes another job? You know someone was probably real close to him and feels betrayed because he left after signing day?

Yes, that is sarcasm.


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I thought Parella got the shaft at NU (I wouldn't want the job of training to explain what Diaco really meant!) and was the one coach I was hoping would be retained. It was obvious why Frost didn't (bringing the whole staff made sense) - but I really wanted Parella to get a chance here. It's probably too late given he's in the NFL now, so it will be interesting.

Parella sure was fun to watch play while at Nebraska and built himself into a 12-year NFL player. What D-Lineman wouldn't want to play for someone like that.

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also saw last week that Parella took position on Taylors staff with the Browns so may not be interested
Correct about him going to Browns, but Taylor is with the Bengals. I actually thought the same thing a few weeks back when it was first announced that he was going to the Browns. That's what happens when two teams where orange in the same division.