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Mike Dawson to the Giants


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I am who also believes this about Franklin. Joe Moorhead was a big boost for Penn St. Really hard for them to replace...should have Miss St consistently pushing for the top of the SEC.
If Franklin is let go look for Moorhead to build a dangerous team at Penn State. I’m hoping Franklin stays for a while.


Anyone have any insight or educated guess on who they are looking at?
Well , it’s probably not Jason Peter, could be Larry the cable guy, right now it is or is not a former player depending on whether or not you think playing for Nebraska is important. Mostly we know how Penn state feels about Franklin!


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I have many Penn State connections. Huge meteorology program, which I did some volunteer work for. Let alone -- like you -- having lived in PA.

There's a few Franklin apologists, but most are extremely down on Franklin and the program right now, as you say. I read their negativity as Facebook friends on a routine basis. And yes, losing top notch assistants and replacing them with apparently far less qualified assistants seems to be a major reason.

Also, I believe PSU is 1-2 against each Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State the past three seasons. This past season, Michigan completely dismantled PSU to the tune of 42-7. And the season as a whole was considered a huge, underachieving disappointment. Trace McSorley was on everyone's preseason Heisman list, but he fell way short of expectations. He threw for over 1,000 yards fewer than 2017, 10 fewer TD throws, and a completion rate of 53% -- compared to 67% the year prior.

I don't know that Franklin is on the hot seat going into 2019 -- but if he doesn't show signs of improvement, he soon will be.
Wives not hot enough?