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Mike Dawson to the Giants

Boji Husker

Travel Squad
Want Parella bad, think he would be a great fit. Think he just got hired recently by the Lions? I was hoping he would be retained in some way when Frost first showed up. Think he is an asst. DL coach with the Lions, so more than likely the DL job at NU would pay more, and think Dawson was making roughly twice what Parella was getting at NU.


Husker Geek
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Well at least it isn't a lateral move. That would've raised some eyebrows. Good luck to him & the Giants.

Would Parella be a good fit on Coach Frost's staff?
My thought exactly - but how hard would it be for him to come back and not rehash the old way. Would rather get Jimmie Burrow. Steve Warren maybe? I want Parrella to be able to return, but this seems too soon.

Boji Husker

Travel Squad
Parella at least would know some of the coaches, know about NU culture (he was one often cited as one of the leaders for changing the culture of NU during the 90's). Thought his position group was among the most improved during his stint at NU, and he knows alot of the players still on the team. Natural fit.


Scout Team
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If we had to lose one assistant, Dawson would probably have been my choice. Not saying he was awful, but I don't think the D Line played all that well or got significantly better last season. He may have also been one of the weaker links from a recruiting standpoint.

With all that said, I wish him good luck with Giants.