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Mighty nice of the MN coach to NOT move starting time up


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Guess he didn't care if NU fans would be able to see both volleyball and football tomorrow. Hope the NU players exact some payback for that.
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What time would you propose they play? Minnesota football plays at 2:30.


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I'm having a hard time blaming Minnesota for this. There is no way the Minnesota coach is going to forfeit a chance to practice at Devaney prior to the match, especially since he has a few first year players including his libero. The only start time that makes sense for both schools on Saturday is 12:00 noon. Which means that Minnesota, INSTEAD of flying in Friday evening, and practicing at Devaney on Saturday morning, would have to fly in early Friday afternoon, to practice Friday evening. Leaving early Friday afternoon means his girls miss their Friday classes, after missing their Wednesday classes earlier this week, because they played at Northwestern.
If you're going to blame someone, blame the Big Ten conference. They're supposedly smart people who understand that football is king at most schools, but should also understand that many of the same schools have a passionate volleyball following. By all indications they DON'T care if there is a scheduling conflict between the two. As long as football schedules can be flexed, i.e. start times determined by which network ends up with the game, the Big Ten needs to schedule football and volleyball on different days.
If this were a Sunday match, no scheduling conflict with football and a likely slot on ESPNU or ESPN2.