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Mid-life crisis or car enthusiast


2 Year Member
Just got this a few days ago (2018). I've always been a car enthusiast, but have only had the means in the last 5-10 years to start getting deeper into it.

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Very nice! I told my wife that a so called "life goal" of mine is to have some sort of classic vehicle before I retire, (think muscle, pickup, or luxury, or gentleman's muscle car, think like 1970 grand prix sj) and luckily she agreed. However, back to your amazing Audi, I always told myself that if I could ever afford a newer car like this, it would either be one of these or a Mercedes SLS AMG (but likely I can never afford one, atleast not for quite a while, if ever). A doctor I know that visits our hospital has a black and grey hardtop R8, and it is a brilliant machine, so quick with amazing looks and sound, and you don't see them often...which I like. Congrats on your beautiful car friend, enjoy!


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You go Kubota Ted! I think it is a great disservice when guys get the negative "midlife crisis" label for getting something for themselves like a hot sports car or a young, gorgeous, high-dollar escort. It has nothing to do with the guy's age and everything to do with finally being able to afford something you always wanted.