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Mickey's tryout. How many wins does he need?


I have squandered my resistance
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I wonder if Trev and Mickey have had an honest conversation, something like Mickey I have 3 candidates in mind for the job because of these reasons, if they fall through and you get us bowl eligible, you are next on the list. I am just curious how up front Trev is.
Yeah man, who knows


If Mickey could recruit a 5 star QB that commits before the end of the season maybe, just my opinion there isn’t a lot of realistically winnable games out there. But for me the next coach must be a recruiting mad man. Is Mickey the recruiting mad man needed to recruit us out of the basement?


I have squandered my resistance
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MJ showed the cars vs OU
He is part of the frost system


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5 wins he's considered, though timing could kill him. 6 wins he gets it or else Urban Meyer does.

Mostly because the chances of achieving are so low getting there would show he has huge ability.

There's something to be said for experience but it pales in comparison to ability for a job like this.

The best coach Nebraska has had since Solich by a mile was the only one with no head coaching experience

But none of this is going to happen anyway. It's too big a leap.
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Win at least 6 games and put together at Top 15 recruiting class and he would get very serious consideration imo. Don't see either one of those things happening.
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MJ is auditioning for a number of jobs during this time. Do well and he will make his mark in the industry. TA's recommmendation if he doesnt get this job will be very important to him.
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