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Play the game and see what happens. I think or guys will be ready to play to the extent they can be.

The advantages Michigan has are many. Better players, better coaches, years in the system, depth, winning experience, locked in on the little things after years together, we have too many injuries at key spots, etc.

The disadvantage - game in Lincoln, overconfidence -- and that's about it.

We'll see how it goes. It's a good eye opener for our guys -- seeing how a good team approaches things and how they handle themselves on the field.
I think will be closer than people think. Michigan haven't played an opponent as good as Minnesota or Colorado, They have dominated the teams on their schedule all in Ann Arbor. I wouldn't bet the Farm on it but Huskers will be best Team they have Played and also 1st Road game. 1 score game in 4th Qtr with Home Crowd rocking not impossible.
Last year‘s game, which I was at, was where Thompson got hurt and we had Purdy at quarterback I think. I can’t really remember because I tailgating pretty hard before the game in anticipation of us going down. It might’ve been smothers. But I know Thompson wasn’t playing.

I said we would be exposed on both sides of the ball and Lordy were we. Our vaunted defense was laughable. But that’s what happens when you play with the elite. Minnesota game told our whole story. We are going backward, not forward. Bummer.
Meaningless game. Always was going to be. Michigan is elite this year. We aren't even close. It was pointless to think we might be.

Illinois game and forward is actually meaningful. What happened against Michigan doesn't affect that, the exception of the injury to Singleton if he's lost for a while. But that wouldn't change the outcome of the season.
While I thought we would be slightly more competitive at home, this is about what I thought. Michigan is really good and it’s just a horrible matchup. This was always going to be a loss with a potential for it to get sideways. Doesn’t matter, next.

Here’s what does matter…

@ Michigan State

That’s our next 4 games. All winnable, all losable. Go 3-1. That would put us at 5-4 heading into our last 3 games. Make November matter.


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