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This is rough. Looking through these comments and on Twitter (X), you'd think this is the worst team NU has ever assembled. If I didn't know better, I would have thought we lost this past weekend as well. Having said that, I think NU stays very competitive in a close, low scoring game with Michigan.
I think will be closer than people think. Michigan haven't played an opponent as good as Minnesota or Colorado, They have dominated the teams on their schedule all in Ann Arbor. I wouldn't bet the Farm on it but Huskers will be best Team they have Played and also 1st Road game. 1 score game in 4th Qtr with Home Crowd rocking not impossible.

Last year they rocked us but two years ago we should have won. I’m hoping Heinrich/Sims will be given a playbook more like two years ago and that we will be able to run on them. With a passing game to our te’s.
And off course a defense that will stop them enough.
From your lips to God's ear! :Bow:


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