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Michigan State Week Practice Thread: 23 September Coach Frost/Coaches Radio Show: Barrett Ruud

Red Reign said:
This is a great teammate and shoes where the culture is headed

Couldnt be more right, our team has a greater chance of pulling connor thru this with support, than with finger pointing. No one wants to make the kicks more than connor. Nearly every player is gonna have multiple bad plays, its just so obvious with the kicker and qb, so they get more credit when it goes well.... and take more heat when it doesnt.

Chris Basnett


Some real talk from Omar Manning today. Battled some mental health issues last year. Hit a really low point. Then found help from NU's sports psychology department and Scott Frost. "He never once waivered with me." #Huskers

more evidence supporting our coaches as men and team builders, we have the right guys here..... it woulda been way to easy to give up on this guy, but he obviously didnt, thank you coach


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