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Michigan Practice (9/20/18)

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Coach Frost will meet with the media today after the final practice before the game


Anybody know who is running first team o-line this week ?

Coach Frost will meet with the media today after the final practice before the game

Little off topic, but I noticed this during warmups - What degree of intestinal fortitude does it take to wear #18 as a Husker QB? You know who did it last... and this is the first time since. Tell me that Masker is just messing around... wow!
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I'm skeptical that Martinez will start this weekend. This article made the case that Martinez likely has a grade II MCL sprain.
According to the University of California-San Francisco, the standard recovery time for a grade II MCL sprain is two to four weeks. We’re already a week into that time frame. Considering the frequent talk of Martinez’s long-term health by Frost, keeping the true freshman on the shelf as long as possible seems likely if not probable.

I think Frost probably has to bring him just in case there's another QB injury or two. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think we'll see Martinez this weekend.
He's 0-2 with the worst starting record at NU since the 50's, he's a diehard winner and major fan of the University. I expect he's more upset than every fan combined.
:nod: He expects to win and I'm sure is more critical of himself than anyone else could be when he doesn't.


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