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To that blogger still unable to turn it lose:

Really? That's what you remember about 1997? Here's a few other things that happened that year:

The Hubbel space telescope was repaired on site in space;
Heaven's Gate cultists committed mass suicide;
Timothy McVeigh was convicted in the Okie city bombing;
Pathfinder landed on Mars;
Stock market lost more in percentages in one day than on Black Monday;
Septuplets were born alive in Des Moines;
the Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army was suspended;
the second largest cash bank robbery in the history of the U.S. occurred;
and -- since he likes sports --
Mike Tyson bit off the ear of Evander Holyfield.

Did you remember all of these?
It's anecdotal, but allegedly Tom Osborne offered Michigan a one-off exhibition game after the season - no fans, no cameras. Michigan declined.

I'm not sure how true that actually is, or whether TO has ever confirmed making that offer, but it sure sounds like something he would do given his tendency to avoid ties (see: 84 Orange Bowl). Either way, we got the better trophy so Michigan can suck it. Still think we need a trophy game with them where we play for a giant crystal "97."
The Huskers really looked good in that Tennessee game. they made a really excellent QB look bad and stopped a really good RB. Not so much in the Missouri one. But Missouri is one of those teams that always played hard against NU, so I discount that.
I joined a popular UM message board right after the Orange Bowl. I loved debating who was better. Of course it's all opinion but my go to line/trump card was that Vegas had the line of the hypothetical game somewhere around NU -7. I'd tell them UM fans think they'd win and the rest of the college football world think NU would. :)
I would also point out that if they were mad at anyone it should be for at their own conference as they insisted on being tied to the Rose Bowl and didn't join the bowl coalition. I may have said they hid in the Rose Bowl vs the pac 10 champ while we were took on the #3 team...hiding from no one. They were the the best of the big 10 and pac 10 and we were the best of the other 100 teams. :)

Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on this much... :oops:
The funniest part is that Michigan fans blame it all on Scott Frost. They think that a group of grown men, head football coaches at Division I schools listened to him after the game and voted Nebraska number one because of what he said.

I coach football and I can probably speak for all coaches in that I would never be swayed by any player's opinion from another team about something as important as that!
Last February when Michigan popped up on UCF's schedule I thought this would become an issue. It is bulletin board material for sure.

Too bad for SF. It will be very hard for UCF to beat Michigan in Ann Arbor, but even harder if UM plays with a chip on their shoulder. If Michigan gets on a roll, they may not call the dogs off. Yikes!

The Detroit Free Press is making sure Michigan fans are aware of SF's (alleged) indiscretion 19 years ago. This is not good.


I'll bet Scott will get severely booed when he enters the Big House.

I hope UCF wins. Then the Detroit Free press will have to admit that SF was right...that a SF-led team is better than Michigan!

"Hey Michigan...you wanted a piece of SF?...well you got it. Now go cry in your beer."

Ironically, Brian Griese will be the ABC play-by-play analyst for this game. He was Michigan's QB in 1997. Maybe they can arm wrestle after the game to see who is better.

I feel like SF addressed the issue perfectly...

"That's fine if it's a narrative but I don't think my players are going to care at all," Frost said on the American Athletic Conference coaches call Monday. "There are probably some people that care. That was a long time ago. It's unfortunate that at that time the two best teams in the country couldn't play each other. We feel like we were the best team, they feel like they were the best team and we'll never know. It was a great year for me and has absolutely no bearing on this Saturday."

I'll bet he gets asked about it again before the game starts. But that's OK, he has the right answer.
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