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Memorial Stadium!! August 30, 2023, UNL v UNO

I don't think the ticketing system is handling the overwhelming public demand for these tickets this morning.
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I was online for an hour and a half. Finally got tickets in the south end zone. Since they are selling the south end zone, It must be filling up.
I was in the que for 11 minutes and purchased my 6 tickets in the west stadium section. With seats today being sold for the south stadium I suspect the location of the court is being moved closer to mid-field. The concert is an afterthought behind the VB action.

Crap, I totally forgot about this because I was at work today. Looks like it is possible to buy a single ticket (Sec 17 Row 90!!), but when trying to buy 2, even when allowing multiple rows, it says none available.....:skull:

I'm happy it basically sold out, but dang...

Maybe I'll wait and buy from scalpers at the gate.

Crazy how I could only choose North, East, East Club or 600. The other sections were not even an option for me and the Best Available that would pop up did not work and would kick me out.

Disappointing how a $25 ticket is instantly at a minimum $150 ticket on Stub Hub. (Sometimes I wish the University would investigate the ticket seats on StubHub to see which season ticket holders are gowdging other fans. Especially for a local on local event. ( I wish this for football too)


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