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Memorial Day 2022


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Blessings to all who gave their all for our Nation.

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I know, derailed OP as usual but ......

..... my daily walk exercise route, Northridge Rd in Norman. Notice cemetery surrounded by nice homes. Warren cemetery completely hidden in street view.



For years, I thought Pet Cemetery sign. One day changed my route. Explore. Narrow gravel road in cemetery path. Darkness & light mist. Entered Warren cemetery, no lock gates, no small building, obviously no gatekeeper person and one dim street light in the middle of Waren cemetery .... kinda spooky. Whoa, not pets but human graves! Lot of old headstones.

No doubt, abandon and forgotten. Very old cemetery and poor maintenance, surrounded by houses in a neighborhood

see more info https://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/wm896Y_Warren_Cemetery_Norman_Oklahoma_USA

I'm surprised no graffiti and/or tipped over headstones.
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