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Meltdown. Can Frost manage it this week?

Utter B.S.. I have actually claimed ALL SEASON we are more than talented enough to compete for a division title, but are so poorly coached and developed we can't get out of our own way.

Nice try. Zero proof of these accusations, but if it makes ya feel better big boy and it helps you sleep at night, I wouldn't want you to be restless this evening. You keep being your dishonest self.

I refuse to address your moving goalposts until you address my original statement (the one you responded to) about the blocking on that play. This is the third time you failed to address it. Why? Because you know I'm right and it disrupts your agenda of protecting Frost at all costs. Then again, don't answer. I don't care.

Now I know why I had you blocked for as long as I did. You are not worth my time. Back on the list.
Don't you worry about his sleep, he's got hundreds and hundreds of pages of good football discussions he can read to help him drift off to lala land
There should be no guessing at this point, I imagine Albert's has drawn a line in the sand for Frost. It's hard to imagine that if he falls short of a bowl game next year that he could be "reasonably" retained. I'm just tired of tying "next year", year after year, after year.
I hope Illini will beat NW.

Why? Escape cellar in weak West standings ..... tied in last place but head-to-head tie breaker.

:rolleyes: :Woohoo: :rolleyes:

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I frankly don't see how next year goes any better. How is the Oline going to be better? A new oline coach will need more than one spring and summer. How is the running game going to be better without a big time RB? How is the defense going to be as good without their best players from this year?

What does Frost do if he is not OC? He doesn't seem like a big picture administrative type. Can he resist taking playcalling back? How does he start to believe himself that we will win these close games, and how does he get the team too believe it as well?
Frost has to adapted to being a leader/manager or we will have a new coach 12 months from now.

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