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McCaffrey bros not happy with coach frost comments

Frost is running one of the State's biggest businesses and as the spokesman for that business what he says matters. It's no surprise that he has almost unanimous support from Nebraska fans and I don't think this is a huge deal but my guess is that if you polled most respected coaches they would totally agree with SF while advising him to keep the comment to himself. It's pretty common practice that once a player leaves your program any future comments about that player ends. The only perspective I care about is that of future recruits/parents and right or wrong I'm not sure you want one of the NFL's most versatile running backs throwing out comments that can't do anything but harm the program-as right as SF may have been what was gained by alluding to someone specific?
I honestly would support any coaches that voice this opinion. I hate Fleck but if he made these comments I would agree with him. I don’t think many recruits are going to pay attention to what Christian has to say but maybe they will. I do kinda see your point though.

Yeah he does. Not by name, but there's only one recent transfer that (quoting Frost) "We had one leave that's already left the next place he's going and is headed to another place." Who else could that be?
Thanks Mitch. Yeah, Keyshawn Greene does in fact also fit.

No desire for ill will here but the McCaffreys have zero right for complaint.

This may be a case of no such thing as bad publicity.

Last January Mitch rolled together LM and K Warner in hammering Frost. Warner deserved his chances but repeatedly failed to make the plays that were there to be made. LM clearly got his chances.
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