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MBB GAME #8 Wednesday 11/30 vs Boston College @ PBA 815 PM CT ESPNU BIG 10/ACC Challenge (last year of Challenge)

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I'll be honest -- my brain is about fried from all of the nonstop Husker football news.

Tonight's basketball win was just what the doctor ordered.
They look totally awesome tonight!! I kept telling Linda, where did this team come from? Wow, all those 3's!! I believe it was 12 of 23? Nagagawa (sp?) is a joy to watch, also. So glad, Walker is back. I am sure BC is not that good,but the D stepped up tonight. Good to see. Let's hope we get what we see all season. Hot Dang! :)
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Tominaga is fun to watch. He looked totally out of his element last year. It felt like we were wasting a scholly. He's playing at a high level right now. The threes are great and we desperately need that element. What has impressed me more is his ability to drive to the paint and score off the dribble. That opens up the three ball more as opponents have to respect his ability to drive.

We'll see if he can keep it up as the competition level elevates. We're definitely more limited in what we can do defensively when he's on the floor, but he's a valuable piece of this team.
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Very Nice WIN last Night CORNHUSKERS!!! :Rockon:

I was amazed with TomiNaga's play, aNd EmmaNuel had a very good Night, as well. :Mfclap:

Also, coNgratulatioNs oN wiNNiNg your fiNal ACC/B1G ChalleNge. It's aN accomplishmeNt you caN always be proud of. :Rockon: :Mfclap:

Now you have a tough test comiNg up iN your

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Sun., 12-04-22 @ 3:30pm oN
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What a fun game to watch. I don't think I have ever seen a player have as much fun during a game as Tominaga was having. I hope it wasn't an anomaly. Last year he just wasn't a Big Ten player. Didn't shoot well, not very big, couldn't rebound. He has improved quite a bit. But let's employ some expectation management here...he isn't going to have many games where he only misses one shot and scores +20.
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