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MBB GAME #31 (3/15) #3 Nebraska (22-9) vs #6 Indiana (19‐13) 8:00(ISH) CT BTN GAME THREAD

Have you ever seen such coverage on a Husker basketball team? These guys are just raving about all this team does on the court!

If you didn't catch it in the postgame, a bunch of Husker fan kids were crowded around the railing overlooking the tunnel, hoping for autographs. A few Husker players were happy to oblige.

That's what it's all about. We now have young fans falling in love with this team. It's a great impression for the future.

To those of us who saw these seeds being planted last season, and recognized the reason for optimism with Fred Hoiberg ........ :Cheers:

I don't know that I've ever seen Nebraska play a better half of basketball than their first half tonight (and the second half wasn't bad either haha).

My dream: we win the Big Ten Tournament -- and get a 7-seed. I really want us out of that 8-9 game.

Not that I should complain. ;)

If Nebraska pulls out their first ever NCAA tournament win, It'll be top 5 in all Nebraska sports accomplishments for me personally, as someone who attended games back in the Cipriano-Iba-Nee era. :) I suppose you could debate top 5 is too bold. ;)

Super fun team to watch. When they are clicking, look the hell out! GBR!


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