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MBB Game #21, (L, 62-51), Tue, 1/29 vs Wisconsin, (#11) (14-6) (6-3), @ PBA, 7:00pm CT, BTN


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I get what you are saying and do agree with it. You still have to be able to knock down some shots even when it is out of system, or when their is no system.

There was some pretty good looks at times last night and they couldn’t buy a bucket. They just don’t shoot very well a lot of the time. I am ok if you want to put that on Miles.
With that being said, how many times in say the last 20 years has Nebraska had a consistently solid shooting team?

Nebraska always seems to have quite a few athletic players, for the most part they are way more athletic than Wisconsin. But they are not really better basketball players. Again if you want to put on Miles and a lack of development I am ok with that. I think those players show up at Wisconsin more polished than the guys Nebraska is getting.
THIS IS THE THING THAT MAKES ME SO FRUSTRATED! This is maybe the most athletic team Nebraska has ever had - UNL finally has the athletes. But they don't know what to do with themselves. They do need to hit shots, but they have to have something to fall back on when shots aren't falling to get easier shots until the harder ones fall again. If we can only have a system OR athletes, I guess I would rather have the athletes as UNL does now, because they win some games from out-ath-a-lete-ing the other team. I would really like to be able to take the next step of having a system that works with personnel.

Insert picture of Sam Kinnison yelling here... I'm frustrated. I don't think I want too much, but maybe I'm not realistic. I'm not owed anything by the athletes or the university, but I do want the best for them and by extension me. :)


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BB is all about having a system with options and then counter attacks when the defense takes away the first options. Make them pay for "predicting" what you are trying to execute. The offense under Miles has been as many have stated, inconsistent and lacking in both fundamentals and organization. Some of that goes back to the recruits TM seems to want. He looks for athletes and shies away from less athletic players who may be very good basketball players. A team needs a good mix, which NU consistently lacks.

It almost seems that he wants to recruit to a highly athletic, press and defend frenetic offense but then tries to execute an offense designed for good shooters. Unfortunately, those players have 5* by their names and do not come to NU to play BB.
Good post this is exactly how I feel and stated it in an earlier post.

He wants the athletes to have great individual defense but they aren’t shooters. They aren’t complete b-ball players.


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You can have a good team when coach teaches and demands toughness. You can have a good team when the athletes hold themselves accountable and are tough. You can have a great team when both of these elements are present but when you have neither you are just going to be what we have been watching the last 3 weeks.


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Every time I've seen this particular team look good for stretches in games it seems it's been when they've played with some pace. That said, even before Copeland was hurt, I'm not sure they are deep enough to play at pace for 40 minutes. They flat out suck in the half court. Catch 22.


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THIS IS THE THING THAT MAKES ME SO FRUSTRATED! This is maybe the most athletic team Nebraska has ever had - UNL finally has the athletes. But they don't know what to do with themselves.
+1000 And frustrating is totally right. We have a coach who is great for our program in all aspects except, coaching.