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MBB Game #21, (L, 62-51), Tue, 1/29 vs Wisconsin, (#11) (14-6) (6-3), @ PBA, 7:00pm CT, BTN


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Amazingly, this happened with Happ not taking over for Wisconsin. But the Badgers are very balanced on the offensive end.

When the Huskers shoot 17 of 60 from the field ... well, not gonna win.
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NU turnover. 48 lousy points. 1:14 left. NU has been outscored 25-8 snce being ahead 40-37.
I am so done with Miles that I was watching Kentucky-Vanderbilt instead of the NU game to remember what well coached basketball looked like. I saw on the ESPN ticker the 40-37 score.....as soon as that game hit halftime, I switched to NU-wisky...and saw that we got taken behind the shed after it was 40-37.......Miles needs to go, IMO.
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To have Watson and Palmer both lay an egg with backs against the wall says a lot for me. Yes Miles is bad but there is just no toughness on this team.
Isn’t it amazing how we were saying the same thing about the football team under Riley.


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I’m traveling, so all I could do was listen and get your updates. First, the good, holding any B1G team in the low 60s is a good thing. Also, it sounds like Roby was far more comfortable playing his natural 4. He’s a good kid, but is never going to be an effective 5. I honestly would have preferred we try playing Borchardt, Roby, Copeland at the 3 (prior to the injury), Palmer and Watson more often than not. Allen, Nana could have been our instant offense and given Palmer and Watson breaks. No, it wouldn’t have been as sexy, but I think we could have been a better offensive unit that way, because it’s more than obvious we aren’t a good 3 point shooting team.

Now some bad. If you don’t get guys in games, you can’t expect them to be comfortable. If you don’t get them looks, and only have them on the floor to give your starter a minute or two, don’t be surprised they aren’t sure where, when, or how to confidently shoot. It’s completely unfair to plop guys into a situation 20 games into the season and just expect them to perform. And that’s doubly hard when we run the type of offense, one that’s so much about flow and feel for each other. No one is coming off a solid double screen so they can get the ball, square up and fire. And I’m not saying they didn’t get some nice looks, because a buddy in the stands was telling me there were some darn good looks! But it still boils down to guys being marginal shooters, and we never have an answer or another option when we go cold.