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MBB Game #10, (L, 67-102), Tue, 12/7 vs MICHIGAN, @ PBA, 6 PM CT, ESPN-2 (Game Thread/Recap)


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We were more competitive starting Johnny trueblood and the tall walk on kid at end of Miles time here.


I couldn't actually watch the game and had to follow it on the tracker. Was the D that bad or was Michigan just having one of those can't miss nights teams sometimes have.
D was that bad, real bad! Not getting back, no rotation, no rebounding, running after shooters that led to wide open shots. No effort on the glass, can’t move their feet. I honestly don’t think Fred works on defense at all.


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We have our top 2 players despising each other, and doing all they can to not work together. That completely screwed up dynamic is trickling down to others and starting to look like a divided locker room. Sadly, this is the challenge Fred now faces. I doubt he can mend this divide without choosing one over the other, and we will be a lesser team talent wise if or when one leaves. However, we could be more cohesive. My concern is that puts Kobe at point, and I don’t see him being able to create shot opportunities as often as we need.