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Maverick Noonan is "N"

May have been but from the way Damon Benning and Gary Sharpe talked today the Noonan’s we’re being very thorough and deliberate and that if/when he committed, the school he committed to will have earned it.

As they should be I have no issue with that at all to ensure you get the right school and the right fit

I hope that is now most of us would do that

My point simply was that Maverick commented after the commitment that Nebraska had been his top school for a longtime

Hard to beat out the home school and a legacy recruit no less as we know most of the time
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Had to be a bit weird for Frost to try and sell Mav on NU over Stanford, when even he didn’t make that decision.

Yeah but he came back thus could actually sell.him on why Nebraska is a better choice as he had seen the other side. I think that gets overlooked when the whole thing gets brought up

I am not sure the discussion actually ever happened anyway ha ha but that's the way I would have approached it
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