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Matthew Pola-Mao will not be visiting before NSD


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I thought I was going to open up to some great news:(. Maybe later


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The long-awaited decision of Pola-Gates will be revealed during Saturday’s Polynesian Bowl broadcast, putting an end to a recruitment that has seen its shares of twists and turns. Several different programs have led throughout his recruitment, with Alabama once seeming like the landing spot before the Tide faded completely out of the picture. Arizona State offers in the-state, close to home option, while Nebraska and USC offer the out-of-state allure. So where will he end up?

“Proximity to home was attractive to Noa Pola-Gates and some people in his camp. Ultimately though the fact that his cousin

Matthew Pola-Mao
was offered by Nebraska and is now expected to join the Huskers did steer NPG to leave the state.” -- Hod Robino, DevilsDigest.com

“If you’re a Nebraska fan you have to like the amount of ground the Huskers have seemingly made up with Noa Pola-Gates over the last several months. When the four-star safety took his official visit to Lincoln back at the end of October he appeared to be trending to Alabama in a big way.

However, that visit weekend really could not have gone any better than it did especially since he took his official visit at the same time as his cousin from California who has already signed to play softball for NU. Then in December Nebraska made the cut along with Arizona State and USC and also got the last in-home visit before the dead period. Pola-Gates also got the full-court press from Husker signees Wandale Robinson, Ty Robinson and Bryce Benhart all week at the All-American game and even roomed with fellow Arizonan Ty Robinson that week. His cousin Matthew Pola-Mao will likely visit Lincoln next weekend as well so all of those factors have NU trending in a big way.” -- Nate Clouse, HuskerOnline.com

“With reports that Pola-Gates already silently signed with Nebraska, there is no anticipation from the USC side regarding his announcement Saturday. The Trojans were always playing catch-up in his recruitment and it appears they couldn’t close strong enough to sway him. Pola-Gates didn’t feel USC had recruited him aggressively until the last couple months, but a strong in-home visit right after the Trojans’ season ended was enough to convince Pola-Gates to take an official visit later that same week. USC at least gave him something to think about with its late surge, but it shouldn’t have come to that. The Trojans are desperate for high-impact help in the secondary, Pola-Gates’ cousin Isaiah Pola-Mao
is already on the roster at USC and his family connections extend to Trojans legend Troy Polamalu. USC made a late push with Pola-Gates’ cousin Matthew Pola-Mao
, as it looks like they intend to play together in college, but that effort also appears to have come too late.” – Ryan Young, TrojanSports.com

“I think Pola-Gates picks Nebraska. He’s been a lean that way for awhile and has a strong relationship with the staff and other recruits. I think he likes the direction of the program under Scott Frost." - Mike Farrell, Rivals.com

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I figured as much. I was just surprised how long this "shared" thread lasted as the primary thread for one of our top targets.