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Matt Guthmiller from Millard South is N


How are they getting these dudes to walk on?
Said it 14 months ago, these guys know how to recruit...

The right school came along at just the right time for Matthew Guthmiller.

His future in college baseball seemed secure heading into his senior year at Millard South after committing to Wichita State last fall. But then WSU coaches informed him they wouldn’t have any scholarship money for him because other players on their roster were returning for an additional year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
“A few months ago they thought I would be okay,” Guthmiller said. “Turns out I wasn’t.”

The 2021 left-handed hitter and pitcher prospect backed off his Shocker pledge in late August with no backup plan beyond some junior-college options. Shortly after, his top choice — Nebraska — came along with a preferred walk-on offer. He accepted it Wednesday and made it public Thursday evening.

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