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Matt Coatney on Sports Nightly (Tue 6/29/2021)

Red Don

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Matt Coatney was on Sports Nightly Tuesday, 6/29 (after he had been to a WBB Practice Session).

I wasn't able to listen to it but happened to see some take-aways posted elsewhere fwiw.

> Loves the coaching staff. Some thought Coach Williams should have received big ten coach of the year for the way last season was handled.
> "Salivating" over Markowski...she can score...awesome shape
> Thinks Kendall Moriarity could be the "diamond in the rough"
> Will have a deep bench which he states is needed in the Big Ten
> Said they could finish 5th or 6th in Big Ten and, yet could be a sweet 16 team.
> Greg and Matt agreed...huskers could be really good. Mentioned teams will be chasing Maryland, Indiana, and Iowa.
> Excited for Jazz Shelley from Oregon
> High on Kendall Coley
> All For NIL......however, expect a bumpy road for a couple of years