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Rowdy Reddy Piper

Here I sit, broken hearted...
5 Year Member
Literally got goose bumps. Not kidding.
Made me feel like a kid again.
Yep. And I've been extremely jaded to the fan-service crapola. The end Vader scene in Rogue One made me roll my eyes. But this one was used appropriately, and for the first time since I'd watched and appreciated Empire Strikes Back as an adult, I got goosebumps about a scene in Star Wars.

In Empire, it was Han saying "I know" to Leia before he was frozen. PIMP.


Huskers Rising
10 Year Member
I don't mind saying I've watched the season 2 finale a few more times and I'm convinced that this series is the best Star Wars offering in 37 years.

Rowdy Reddy Piper

Here I sit, broken hearted...
5 Year Member
Kathleen Kennedy sucks so bad. John Kennedy could do a better job, and he had half of his brains blown out nearly 60 years ago.


Junior Varsity
5 Year Member
Just finished up the season, and the I gotta agree with everyone, that ending was fantastic. Bummed that such a great show had only eight episodes this season, but just about everything this series has done so far has been great. My only complaint would have been giving Giancarlo Esposito more screen time this season. My only worry is what will the show do, now that Mando doesn't have to protect Grogu. But, Favreau knows what he's doing.

That post-credit scene was pretty great as well.