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Mac N' Cheetos?

It may just be gas, but I'm afraid to release any kind of pressure. I don't think OSHA prepares us for that kind of workplace "accident"
I usually keep an extra pair of pants in my car in case of just such an emergency, but I took them out after my last trip and haven't returned them.

Don't. Over. Trust. EVER.

I may have to leave work early today. I don't think the toilets here are ISO-9000 certified for the destruction im about to unleash.

Plus it'd be very embarrassing to face my coworkers afterwsrds. I can tell I'm going to make some noise.
I usually just eat a salad for lunch.

The greasy bacon cheeseburger, mac n cheetos, and donut chasers was too much of a shock for my body.
It really hates me now.
(food snobs can punt this thread)

Anybody try this yet?
I don't think it hits most stores until Monday.

I'm going to try it if I can find it -- but I'm going make sure I'm near a toilet shortly thereafter...



I tried them today, and I'm about 30 mins out of my last bite. They were ok, but I wasn't offered ranch dressing, and I probably wouldn't order them again.

I think I'm feeling the gurgles.


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