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Luke McCaffrey Leaves Louisville


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So you think so little of Frost that you believe he would bench Martinez to cater to us the fans? I think it was pretty obvious to everyone around the country that Martinez was struggling. He was making bad decisions and turning the ball over. He was throwing swing passes or sideline passes that went backwards and where fumble. He was letting up on runs giving up on extra yards. Frost actually chewed his butt after he went out of bounds on a third down play where he could have lowered his shoulder and got the extra yard. We both want Martinez to succeed but he wasn’t playing good. That’s not just us fans saying that it’s every sports show, writer , and radio host out there.
And yet his replacement was worse.


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He's no longer with the program.
that doesn't mean it "worked out" for nebraska. if it did, it wouldn't have taken him leaving louisville for it to "work out" for nebraska.
unless you have clear details about him being a drain or a cancer on the team while he was here.


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At this point, I believe McCaffery should just do the Juco route, he wants to be a QB, his best opportunity would to do what Nick Marshall and Terry Wilson find a Juco that wants an athlete at QB and put up numbers then pick from your schools in a less hectic situation.


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How did the offense look under Martinez his freshman year?
Martinez looked pretty good. He played a whole season. Gives us a really good sample to examine. LM started two games. Played ok in the first and imploded in the second. Had he started the rest of the season, who knows how he would have improved, if at all.

My point is that we have a very limited snapshot of what LM could do. To some, that might be enough to condemn him for all eternity. For me, I figure the coaches saw something in practices that gave them reasons to believe he could be the future at QB. I’m not going to use my snapshot of LM to insist that the coaches are wrong.


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Fair enough. We will never agree much on Frost so there’s no point in the back and forth. It is frustrating because at this time in 2018 you would never had convinced me that 12- 20 was even remotely possible.
You had GNT, myself, and Redsaidted arguing with you and you stuck to your guns. Honestly I thought it would devolve into an argument yesterday but it didn’t. I respect that!

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I didn’t make it but there’s been the assertion that LM was thrown out there to prove something to the fans or at least appease them. The same thing was said about Beau Davis at Texas Tech. It was said then and still today that Callahan did it to prove a point. You can good Lord me all day long but that’s a fact.
I am sorry, but the first bolded section does NOT assure the second bolded section. Just saying something doesn't make it a fact.


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I guess I had completely forgotten about this:

Unless there is some underlying story there that isn't obvious, that is pretty bush-league, to travel with the team and then decide right before the game that you aren't going to play.
To me that says it all. If you do not wish to play dont travel with the team. Even if you plan on transferring finish out the season. Think the kid has an exalted opinion of himself. H be a great athlete but not a quarterback.
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