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Luke McCaffery Transferring

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It’s been thrown around all week that Luke McCaffery is going to transfer. If this is true, why is there a mass exodus of talent from our program?!
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Sofa King

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OK, I'll start one....

Per sources, HCSF is considering a one year sabbatical to work in quality control at Alabama under Nick Saban. Coach Chinander will serve as interim coach in 2021. HCSF expects to return in 2022 with a far better understanding of the head coach/chief executive role at a Power 5 program.


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Is it a coincidence that the players leaving/rumored to leave are mostly on the offense and the players that seem to be staying are mostly on the defensive side? Wasn't the bowl game vote rumored to be a split with the offense voting no and the defense voting yes?

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Wandale left, Mills left for draft, Farniok left for draft, I’m sure Omar Manning will transfer (just my opinion), now LM of its true? Yes, I would say mass exodus. But again, Just my opinion.

Right, a lineman who may not get drafted didn't come back for a SIXTH year, and Mills is 24 years old, and you're including them in an exodus of talent? And Manning has played one snap. Good grief.