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Luke Fickell "there might be something there"

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2023 is the Year
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LF LL etc, have zero reason to leave their jobs to come to Nebraska or any other program. They are doing what they love, make great money, and their is ZERO pressure on them to win championships. Ananda is in the same boat. Baylor alum are not going to put him on the "hot seat" for not winning a NC. This is a pressure cooker, and rightfully so. Again, imo, there is only one alpha that belongs here.
And no, Urban ain't coming.

Uncle Buck

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Luke gave up a 21 point lead to Taylor Martinez and Bo Pelini while coaching O.H.I.O. S.T.A.T.E.
That year was a dumpster fire at OSU, fo sho. His backup qb was even worse than what we've had T DONU. He's laid some groundwork since then.

BR Pike

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I hope so.
I hope the preferred candidate of ADTA doesn’t get cold feet, or gets an 11th hour counter offer too good to turn down.

Not saying Leipold is or was the preferred candidate but him getting his extension now concerns me, simply because the timing is a bit odd. Why are they doing it during the season and not at season’s end? Likely (IMO) to thwart an impending offer.
We are not the only school looking for a coach. Could be a different offer.


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Let’s look at another reason Fickell might be ready for the stability of NU. He can’t keep his assistants at UC because they can be paid much better salaries elsewhere. I know Mike Tressel is going to be pursued by P5 schools:
Coach. Position. Years @ UC
Mike Tressel. DC. 2
Gino Guidgli. OC. 1 (6 total at UC)
Kerry Coombs ST/CB. 1
Mike Brown. WR. 4
Colin Hitschler. S. 5
Mike Cummings OL. 1
Nate Letton. TE. 1
Darren Page RB. 2
James Ross. OLB. 1
Walker Stewart. DL. 1


2023 is the Year
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Never said he was. Just said it was my preference. But..since you seem to be in the know, tell us who IS coming
Actually, you're the one claiming multiple guys were never going to come here. LOL. So you must be "in the know!"

But when you said there is only one alpha dog, I certainly wouldn't be thinking LF is the only alpha dog. :Biggrin: That's just silly, hence the reason why I said Urban wasn't coming to Lincoln considering if there were only one, it would be him.
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Not as pretty as Kevin Kugler
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I think the AAC title is decided on Fridays game of UC vs Tulane so no CCG


Travel Squad
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Rhule isn’t the guy this week but I believe he’s going to be a great college coach somewhere, nice if it would be here. Bill O’Brien would also be a good coach for Nebraska but who knows at this point.
Would be very happy with Rhule. Seems like it would be a good hire.
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