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Feral Cat
20 Year Member
Chip Kelly is absolutely trending in the right direction at UCLA.

UCLA hasn't lost a game by more than 6 points since the 2019 season.

This season, favored by 18 over Hawaii -- won by 34 ... underdogs by 2 to LSU -- won by 11.

That was a true big win for Chip Kelly yesterday.


Feral Cat
20 Year Member
Trending upwards…. The last thing I need to say about this is — no man on earth has outkicked his coverage with his wife more than Chip Kelly.

FWIW, that's Chip's girlfriend (which is always a better option than a wife anyhow).

Chip Kelly got divorced in 1999 and hasn't been married since.

Power of Corn

Scout Team
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I was at the game, there was never a time where the crowd felt comfortable, lsu has loads of talent, the worry of a comeback was always there. I think u get a better sense for that feeling on tv, as you see replays, stats, close up replays of dominant blocks and line play....