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Lovie shut the Frost spread offense down


Scout Team
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If your QB can’t throw farther than 10 yards he’ll never beat a cover 2. And if the QB is no threat in the passing game, the running game is easy to shut down. Throw in some turnovers and penalties...
Very good summary of the problems with our offense. We are easy to defend without a passing game and with an average (at best) O-Line.


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It’s funny how we all keep going back to our offensive problems.

I have done it for the last three hours.

but even with our scramble, helter skelter, I don’t know what offense.

Our defense was worse. So disappointing. No physicality today. Not even close to the type of play they had against Penn State.

Part of that might be that we just got outcoached badly by Lovie and his staff....but the other It is clearly on the players shoulders.

Going to be interesting to see how they react against Iowa. Iowa has clearly had a much better team than us the last two years in a row. Yet we played them to the very last second.