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Lost another Nebraska kid


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It's different on a lot of levels. Erstad had no shot at Logan Foster, so can we really be mad? But I don't want to throw up the white flag either.

The example is great for the 2020 class in Nebraska. 11 kids committed to a D1 school. We quite literally can't take them all. Even if you throw UNOmaha out, there's 9... so that would mean we would have to take every single kid and not take a single out of state kid. That's before we talk kids wanting to go south to play who I can't blame. I will be real interested to see what happens with the new coach. Erstad was taking 2-3 every class from Nebraska, let's get it to 4 or 5 and get a couple studs from out of state and call it a day.
When Kelly Lindsey was set to sign with Notre Dame the next day, the Nebraska women's soccer coach called her and pleaded with her: "Is there anything I can do to get you to change your mind?" There was nothing that could be done. Same with Foster. We're gonna lose kids that want to go south. We can still fight for them, though.