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Looks like Stanley Morgan is back!

One Man Jury

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I hope you are reading this right! Morgan could be an All American in this offense. I thought we had lost him to the NFL. With him and Spielman back, the future gets that much closer to 2018.

Red Reign

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For those not familiar with the scene from Wolf of Wall Street... he says "I'm not ***** leaving"

I think he's poised to have a huge year in Frost's offense
Help me out my brother and try not to beat the world filter. I fixed it. :)

Oh and great news indeed. Stays healthy and he gets his 1,000 yard season this year


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Fantastic!! You the man, Stan!

Love this guy. Hard-nosed, no- nonsense baller. We need a team full of that type kid.


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This is great news! Thrilled to get Stanley back for one more season!

When I saw the headline a day or two ago that read "another Husker declares for the draft", I thought for sure it was Stanley. It never crossed my mind that Gates would declare. It would have been nice to have both back, but if I had to pick just one of them to return it would definitely be Stanley.