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Local "combine"


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Wanted to give some updates on the local "combine" for lack of a better word. Nebraska did a heck of a job with the 2018 class and locking down the borders. Need to keep that mentality...



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A 1.9 pop time is good, but probably translate to a 2.2/2.3 in a game.
Ya, I think that's why he doesn't quite have any offers yet.

Quinn Mason from Gretna put up some solid numbers. Added a couple mph to his fastball from the fall it appears. I would offer Cameron Frederick over Gish right now. Max Anderson needs to figure out what he is going to do with the draft so we can offer him the percentage he deserves.

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Velocity. Lol.

Location. Late movement. Velocity. In that order.
If a pitcher can throw for a high velocity, it doesn’t matter too much where they locate it as long as they throw strikes. Location is way more important than movement.

I’d say Location, Velocity, Late Movement (in that order). Late movement being a distant third.