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Loaded at Tbe RB position

UNCC Husker

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not sure when the last time was we were this loaded at running back, assuming everyone pans out. Gotta be the mid 90’s. I know its a new day and age, but this staff is getting it done!!


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I agree on upgrading the OL pancaking road graders, but our needs at D can't lag behind or it will just be a race to see who has the ball last and is the first to score 60.


You talken to me?
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For starters there's no gurantee that all/any of these talented prep players are going to be stars. The attrition rate is pretty steep so the Huskers need to have as much talent recruited as possible.

Having all that talent and knowing how to coach it up is another matter. We've seen teams like TEXASS that was loaded with talent yet had losing seasons for 3 straight years because of poor coaching imo. Fortunately we have Scott Frost who knows how to recruit and create and use a dynamic offense.

So the LAST thing I'm going to be concerned about is having to much talent at ANY position but especially at WR, RB and QB. It will sort itself out pretty quickly....