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little Ferentz gonna get some


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Dad is probably gonna smack him up side the head.


Of all the positives that may come with a rejuvenated NU program if Riley is able to bring us back, none will pleasure me more than putting Iowa in it's place.

It's been a tough decade-and-a-half since we slipped off the horse and haven't figured out how to get back on.
You beat me to it, just read this on the main page and was going to share. When it comes to talking about developing players I see he only included MR's stint at NU.



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Another thing he is missing on is this staff refers to the pipeline with "restore" as in restore the pipeline. But hey, deception is used by all in recruiting.



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I don't mind coaches talking smack a little bit - livens everything up from the PC staid bland discussions that go on now-a-days.

McKewon's article responding is a nice rebuttal of sorts!


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talk or no talk, Iowa straight up owned us last year. if this provides some extra juice, then fine. but i would hope its not even required cause the beatdown they put on us last year should be enough said.


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This is just the latest from the school that makes its visiting football teams dress in a pink locker room.


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MR's tenure at NU is kind of an easy target given our record and lack of championships. Iowa has had some recent success but I wouldn't be chirping too much. They are still Iowa. No Nattys.


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He should probably stop comparing himself to an Iowa state team that has been at the very bottom of cfb in recent years and stop provoking DONU when his own team & specifically the offense couldn't even score a TD in their last game