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Lithuanian 7-footer Oleg Kojenets commits to Nebraska basketball


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They say you can't coach 7 feet!!!
You honestly can’t. You even see it at the high school level. Brady heiman was 6’10” in high school and dominated class B ball. Honestly never was very skilled. He just was so much bigger than everyone around him. I don’t think he faced a center over 6’8” his whole high school career.

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You add this guy and the juco with Walker and Andre, could have a decent amount of size for big ten play. I liked Walker’s energy level and effort. Andre has the tools to be good if he can play under control. Welcome aboard big man! Also first 8th grade track meet tomorrow. Kid’s doing the high jump and 100 meter. I’m assuming Lil N is fast so 100m?
His first 7th grade meet was last Thursday. He's fast, but not 100m fast. He's a distance runner.
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