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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked Listening To Calipari on Jim Rome Today, Made Me think about Bo.

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Not a big Calipari fan but listening to him on Jim Rome really got me thinking about Bo. I have read so much over the past two years on this site about Bo's "hurt feelings" and all of the rumors about Him leaving last year and this and I just have to laugh.

Calipari did a good job talking about the demands and crazy culture of Kentucky basketball fans. I think NU and Kentucky are good comparisons on what each of their programs means to the state and community. I am not comparing Bo to John but any coach worth anything has to be bigger than the fans, media and internet. If these things are allowed to gain your attention and change the way you view your opportunity, then you probably are not a very good coach anyways. Calipari basically said the insanity of the fans and media is what makes coaching at Kentucky the great job that it is. I agree.

Anybody else catch the interview?

No, didn't catch the interview, but think he has the right perspective. I'm a Calipari fan as a college coach. As a recruiter? Ummm, no. But he is in the right conference!
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